World Vision

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Join us at Grace for our Global 6k Run/Walk!  

As human beings, sometimes we can get overwhelmed by all the things that need to be done….bills, laundry, dinner etc…we tend to forget that our basic needs are met. We have food to eat, warm beds, and clean water to drink….What if you’re daily life was not bills and laundry? But it was surrounded by just finding clean water to drink…cook with…and bathe?

 What can we do? For us at Grace Church, we believe that “Every Drop makes a difference”. Can we solve the Clean Water Crisis on our own? No…but we can contribute our one “small drop” to the ocean of clean water available…and we want to give you the opportunity to contribute yours…because EVERY drop has an impact…EVERY drop makes a difference….

Join us in the 6k Walk for Water…Where every step you take is one they won’t have to….

THIS SPRING, CHANGE A LIFE. Join thousands of people across the globe in our mission to bring life-changing clean water and fullness of life to children in communities around the world.

Walk, run, or push a stroller with us at the World Vision Global 6K for Water. Each registration provides lasting clean water to a child, like the child on your race bib!