What to expect at Grace

Attending a Church for the first time should not be stressful — but we know there can be a lot of questions. What will it be like? Will I understand what is happening? What should I wear? Will I be singled out? Is there anything for my kids? We want to help answer your questions.

What can I expect on Sunday?

We have two identical gatherings that last about 65 minutes. Free coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are available in our cafe.


There will be music that will inspire, challenge, and focus your thoughts on God. At times we use music and media from current culture that presents God’s truth in relevant and creative ways. There will be a message focused on the Bible with real-life application. Our pastors use a variety of teaching techniques that may include: video, hands-on illustrations, and story. Our goal is to communicate God’s timeless truths in understandable ways.

We do not have a dress code, we just want you to be comfortable. We have people who wear shorts and flip flops, jeans and tee shirts, or their “Sunday best.” No matter what you wear, we won’t single you out or do anything that calls attention to you to the fact you are new. We will offer a smile and say hello.

Is there anything for my kids?

Yes! We have a dedicated group of people who provide a safe, positive, fun, learning environment for your kids. We will assist you in finding the right age-appropriate room with our secure check-in system. There are opportunities for children birth through elementary age in each gathering and our Middle School ministry meets during the 11:00am gathering.