Relate Strong


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All classes are Friday evening from 6pm - 9pm and Saturday from 9am - 5pm)

October 29 & 30

Your registration fee includes dinner on Friday evening, a light breakfast on Saturday morning, lunch on Saturday, and all materials.

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Marriages are great because couples commit to growing and learning, and this is a great way to expand how you relate to all your loved ones. Everyone experiences relationship challenges, and Relate Strong gives tools to strengthen all your relationships, including an already great marriage.

Everyone has relationships, and Relate Strong is designed to strengthen all our relationships.

Absolutely! Relate Strong will not only help you in your marriage relationship, but in all your relationships.

At this time, we are offering Relate Strong to the adults in our congregation, but we hope to offer the Relate Strong tools to our teens in the future.

There is no need to wait till you are married to take Relate Strong. We know people who wish they'd had the Relate Strong tools before they ever got married or before they started their careers and worked alongside colleagues in the workforce.

Relationships are a part of the human experience, and Jesus is the only human who navigated relationships perfectly. We live in a broken world and relationships are challenging. Relate Strong uses Scripture and current brain research to help us relate with others in peaceful ways as Jesus did and as he prayed we would in John 17.

NO! RelateStrong is a “psycho-educational” tool that is rooted in the Scriptures and contemporary neuro-science. It has been formed from a therapeutic model and formatted into a wonderful curriculum for this experience.

We recommend you sign up at a time you can attend the entire time.

We have a limited number of scholarships and financial assistance available. Please contact the office at 317-831-0798 if you would like to get more information.